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The clause prohibits presidents from accepting gifts and payments from foreign governments without congressional approval. Trump's lawyer argues that fair-value exchanges, such as leasing venue space at a hotel, do not violate the clause. "No one would have thought when the Constitution was written that paying your hotel bill was an emolument," Dillon said. Still, she said, Trump was taking this step "to put to rest any concerns." Just since Election Day, the Embassy of Bahrain and the Kuwaiti Embassy have booked parties at Trump's Washington hotel. The transition official said the company had not yet determined if the donations rule will extend beyond โรงแรม charm ขอนแก่น foreign governments to include other foreign actors such as members of a royal family or government-controlled businesses. Trump and his representatives didn't discuss how anyone might know if they're doing what they promise. Like other aspects ที่พัก อ เมือง ขอนแก่น of the self-imposed arrangement, that's largely a matter of faith. And Trump hasn't followed through on previous charity pledges, get more including a failure to give a promised $6 million to veterans' organizations last year until months later when reporters asked questions about what had happened to the money. Trump did not commit to disclosing what money was being turned over to the government. The transition official believes the donations will be made "on an annual basis." The Treasury Department doesn't typically report the details of donations, citing the privacy of its donors.

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