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“People who are buying an 18 or 20 or more could be given free advice, maybe a letter to take away or put in their bag as they go through the till,” he added. “It would take a brave store to do it because we’re a society of normalization—fat is becoming the new best friend. We need to put a halt to it straight away.” The expert’s comment come after a government obesity adviser said shops are “fooling” buyers into believing they are thinner than they actually are. Dame Carol Black also said that being overweight” has become “the new normal” and political correctness forced health staff to keep silent rather than address the problem. The government obesity adviser made her controversial comments during the Hay Festival on Monday. “I have lived through that and now we seem to think that that’s ok,” Black said as she discussed her own problems with being an obese child. “You think you are a size 10, the shops are really fooling you. The new normal is very scary.” She urged people to consider obesity as socially unacceptable as smoking and urged the government to regulate sugary foods. Weight loss expert Miller said if the government adviser’s remarks are true, there’s an “ethical responsibility” to ensure obesity crisis is tackled.

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