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People wait in line to vote in the Dutch general e Wednesday's election also comes amid a diplomatic spat between the Netherlands and Turkey . Wednesday's vote is the first of three significant elections in Europe this year - in the Netherlands, France and Germany - where the power of populist parties will be put to the test. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Protracted coalition talks are expected after the results are announced The BBC's Damian Grammaticas in The Hague says that while a populist surge is still possible in Wednesday's election, a host of other parties could also do well, leaving Dutch politics fragmented. As parliamentary seats are allocated in exact proportion to a party's vote share and no major party wants to be in a coalition with Mr Wilders, he has little chance of entering government however well he performs, our correspondent says. In the run-up to the vote, party leaders took part in televised debates, with Mr Rutte and Mr Wilders clashing over how to stem immigration. Mr Rutte dismissed Mr Wilders' plan to close borders and mosques and to ban the Koran as "fake solutions". Mr Wilders accused Mr Rutte of providing better healthcare for immigrants than for the Dutch themselves. Labour Party leader Lodewijk Asscher called Mr Wilders a man of "10,000 angry tweets and no solutions". Image copyright AP Image caption A protest by hundreds of Dutch-Turks in Rotterdam ended in chaos The row with Turkey followed Mr Rutte's decision to ban two Turkish ministers from addressing rallies in the country.

This made Ipsy especially well-positioned to help beauty brands put their products in front of consumers: Companies could pay to put samples in Glam Bags and have these influential creators show their viewers how to use them. From the consumers perspective, it was an easy sell. They could get a new bag every month that was worth five times the amount they paid for it. There are many business challenges weve tackled, but getting customers excited about our Glam Bags was never one of them, Camberos explains. Theyre a no brainer. Camberos attributes Ipsys success to the following three factors: Correctly Identifying The Business Opportunity Ipsy entered the market just as the subscription craze was taking off. Birchbox was among the first movers in this space, review creating monthly beauty boxes that were a huge hit. But soon there were boxes for everything from socks to sex toys, as I documented in a story from 2015 . Many of these new companies focused their business on the subscription itself, trying to make a profit from the sale of the monthly or quarterly box.

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