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Brexit news: Ann Widdecombe RIDICULES May's soft Brexit proposal | UK | News |

Brexit news UK EU Theresa May Chequers soft Brexit Any arrangement which doesn't deliver that is a fudge, and is going to mean this issue is simply not going to be settled." Brexit news: Ann Widdecombe said Britain must fully leave the EU The nation didn't vote for a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit, a medium Brexit, it just voted to leave The former Tory frontbencher dismissed claims that the Irish border is an insurmountable issue. She said: “I’ve spoken to several people in Northern Ireland who say no, this is not an insurmountable issue. “This is something which is being produced as a barrier to progress. "The fact is, if  Theresa May  had a proper majority in the House of Commons instead of no majority at all she would be able to go to Europe with a lot more authority and instead of being held to ransom by them every single time we go over there, we would simply be able to stick fate to them. Ms Widdecombe added: “We come as people who voted with our feet.” Amid rumours Mrs May had ruled out a no deal Brexit, Ms Widdecombe said: “You certainly can’t go into a negation and give away what is your most powerful card. “Our most powerful card in that negotiation is that if we leave without a deal, it’s going to throw the European markets into chaos. “You don’t give that up before you go in.” The furious former MP said she would not be “devastated” if Britain left the EU under no deal. She said: “I think we should keep very calm if that happens, extremely calm. “I do not believe for one moment in half the claims of Project Fear. Chequers summit in pictures: Theresa May's big Brexit meeting The Prime Minister gathered her cabinet together ahead of a crunch Brexit showdown at her country retreat at Chequers in Buckinghamshire Members of the cabinet and government officials gather at Chequers “There would be a period of uncertainty but it's not exactly as bad as Dunkirk was and we managed to get through that.” After crunch talks in Chequers on Friday, the Prime Minister gained unanimous backing by her Cabinet for her blueprint for Britain’s future relationship with the bloc.

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We knew only laughter and happiness in our family. She did not have any family in Eritrea when she left. My wife left a letter for me with our neighbours. "This feels even worse than losing someone through death. I have left for Eritrea with my children," she wrote. "I leave the boy with you. If I get any chance I will write to you, if not take care of yourself." My neighbours sat for a week with me while I was in mourning. After this, I could not tell you in words the life I lived. It might be easier to draw it in pictures. I was insane. I was like a dead man walking.

“We would encourage movement. The President thinks it’s time to go," the London-based ambassador said. In his interview, Mr Johnson was also optimistic about Britain's prospects outside the EU. “The sky’s the limit. As an independent nation you will be agile, nimble, attract capital. You’ve got so much capability here. It will be nice to see you go at full tilt," he said. “It will show the strength of the Special Relationship we have. "We’ve got to remember that Britain is a valued partner, the likes of which we don’t have anywhere else.” He added: “You’ve got something really special here - the language, the culture, history, legal system, the institutions that are the envy of the world. When you stand up on your own it will be something to watch.” US ambassador Robert Woody Johnson is enthusiastic about a UK-US trade deal Mr Johnson also took a swipe at Brussels for resisting Mrs May's offer of full security cooperation between the UK and the EU after Brexit. “It doesn’t make sense,” the ambassador said.

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