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Ranking the 27 dresses of 27 Dresses

There’s a lot to enjoy about 27 Dresses — Judy Greer’s stellar turn in yet another snarky best-friend role, James Marsden finally getting the girl in a movie, that joyous ‘Bennie and the Jets’ scene — but the biggest scene-stealers are right there in the title: Jane’s (Katherine Heigl) 27 bridesmaids’ dresses, which range from mildly inoffensive and drab to downright mental. As Marsden’s Kevin Doyle asks, “What was the theme? Humiliation.” With its wry sense of humor, the movie both celebrates and takes down the tradition of ugly bridesmaids’ dresses with glee. The line spoken by brides throughout the film — that the dresses are great because you can “shorten them and wear them again” — is a refrain that sums up the hypocritical nature of the wedding industry, which stands at odds with a hopeless romantic’s genuine heartfelt desire to celebrate their friends and their love. In a delightful montage, we see Jane, the film’s perpetual bridesmaid, try on a wide array of her most cringe-worthy dresses, after catching a glimpse of her closet exploding with pastels, ruffles, tulle, and matching handbags. Director Anne Fletcher told EW that she and costume designer Catherine Thomas strived to walk the line between finding the most outlandish dresses they could and not losing sight of reality. “I would say, ‘Get the ugliest that you can actually find that would make sense in someone’s wedding. Let’s not be uber stupid, let’s be the dumbest where the line is reality,'” says Fletcher. “I said I wanted colors and sequins and big and all the tulle, hats, anything ridiculous.

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