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BloomReach based its results on a survey of 2,000 consumers over Labor Day weekend. "Amazon continues to be the first destination when consumers want to find a product," Jason Seeba, head of marketing at BloomReach, said in a press release. Amazon's grip on American shoppers is expected to carry into the winter holidays, with roughly 94 percent of respondents saying they plan to shop there. Members of its growing Prime service are particularly loyal, as they try to maximize the value of their $99 subscription fee and free shipping promise. Yet just because shoppers gravitate toward the site doesn't mean they'll make a purchase. A majority of respondents said other retailers are better at tailoring their websites and product recommendations than Amazon. Roughly one in five consumers said counterfeit

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products are their main concern with shopping on Amazon, according to BloomReach. The retailer has recently grabbed headlines regarding

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concerns about counterfeit goods on its third-party marketplace, which prompted Birkenstock 's decision to remove its products from the site. Still, Forrester estimates Amazon accounted for roughly 60 percent of all online sales growth in the U.S. last year.

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Sixty percent of mobile purchasers from around the world saying they often discover products and services to buy on social platforms. More than one-third (36%) of mobile purchasers leverage social media to share their mobile purchase experience. Pressing the buy button on mobile devices is now a regular occurrence the world over, said Anna Bager, Senior Vice President, Mobile and Video, IAB. Marketers and media agencies need to fully embrace smartphones and tablets as a critical pathway for all shopping activities and increase investment if they want to build meaningful relationships with mobile consumers, driving them from discovery to purchase. The report shows that credit/debit cards on mobile web and online payment services are the most popular payment methods (40% and 37%, respectively). Mobile wallet users are the most heavily engaged in mobile commerce, purchasing more frequently on mobile (36% weekly vs. 23%) than average mobile shoppers. In addition, they are more likely to engage with mobile ads (82% interacted vs. 76%). Driven by the ease of purchase, 18 percent have used a mobile wallet for mobile purchases in the past six months.

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