The Challenges For No-nonsense Bed Cover Tactics

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Turkey called the appeal "worthless". Why did the Dutch ban the Turkish rallies? The spat began when two Turkish ministers were barred from entering the country to attend rallies that were to be attended by ethnic Turks in the Netherlands. The rallies were called to encourage large Turkish communities in the EU to vote Yes in a referendum on 16 April on expanding the Turkish president's powers. The Dutch government decided to block the rallies, citing "risks to public order and security". Some 5.5 million Turks live outside the country, including an estimated 400,000 in the Netherlands. Image copyright AP Erdogan chases diaspora vote - but ties fray Srebrenica jibe Mr Erdogan's invocation of the Srebrenica massacre showed he has no intention of calming the rhetoric being directed at the Dutch. "We know the Netherlands and the Dutch people from the Srebrenica massacre. We know how rotten their character is from their massacre of 8,000 Bosnians there," Mr Erdogan said. His remarks touch a raw nerve in the Netherlands, despite a UN tribunal prosecuting Bosnian Serbs for the actual killings. Mr Erdogan also caused shock and outrage after likening the Dutch to Nazis.

We dont waste wood, said Susan Mast, who has owned the shop with her husband, Gareth, since 1985. Their two adult sons, Jon and Jason, are the gallerys principal artists, and their two dogs often shepherd visitors around the shop. When we cut corners off blanks, we make them into Christmas ornaments, she said. Small pieces become pen blanks or key rings, or are used for small projects. Shavings are made into flowers and the sawdust becomes mulch for our myrtle-tree nursery. In winter, we are able to get wood from trees that fall down during winter storms. We value living trees more than wood. Our policy is, If the tree is healthy, let it grow. The showroom collection runs the gamut of all manner of utilitarian items, right down to an exquisite (and very expensive) rocking chair. But the eye is drawn, in particular, to a series of highly detailed carvings by artist Lee Fisher, whose legacy is preserved in eye-catching representations of seascapes and wildlife 10 years after his death. Riverside groves Some of the largest groves of Oregon myrtle may be found along the Coquille River, whose south, north and east forks join at Myrtle Point, a 30-minute drive south of Coos Bay-North Bend.

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